Video poems

I have recorded some of my poems on video which you can view from the links below.


 Why can't we let lions be This is a new childrens poem staring Clarence the lion and Rooney the Kangaroo.     



Here is a humorous poem that explores the rules and complications of understanding cricket and its strange calculation methods.

Duckworth Lewis Stikes Again



This poem is about a butterfly desperate to escape from a garden shed. It explores the no win situation of trying to help.

A Difficult Decision



This poem is about an old lady tending the grave of her fallen soldier who died many years ago in the great war. She is remembering the soldiers as they marched off to war full of hope and expectation.

They Marched In Row



Under Cover


This is a poem about anticipation and preparation for lovers.



We Should Never Be Apart


The story of lost love and love being reawakened under the stars on a smoky railway station.



A Christmas Eve Kiss


A Christmas Eve Kiss is a poem about parents and the preparation for Christmas and they finally get the chance to kiss.



Railway To The Grave


A mysterious death on the railway line.




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