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Why Can’t We Let Lions Be


Clarence lived at number 22

He preferred it to his cage at the zoo

He shopped at Sainsbury’s for his meat

And wore paisley slippers on his feet


He lived next door to a kangaroo

Who had to stay in bed with flu

He got some provisions for his friend

And took them back and helped him tend


He loved the freedom that he had

But things were about to turn incredibly bad

Surely it would not be discreet

To have a lion resident in the street


Even though he meant no harm

The neighbours said he had no charm

They left a note on his door one day

That said he should pack his bags and go away


Clarence was completely distraught

Good behaviour he had always been taught

He had not even nibbled at anyone’s feet

And had not eaten anybody in the street


Surely they must be prejudice against his kind

And have misconceptions in their minds

They reported him to the City zoo

Where he was deported feeling blue


Clarence always dreamed of number 22

He didn’t want to live to old age in the zoo

Locked in a cage all on his own

All he wanted to do was go home


So he hatched a plan with Kangaroo

To escape from the zoo

More adventures with his friends

This is where our story ends


Video Link to illustrated and spoken story.





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