Summer Holidays

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The Shipwreckers


Loose lipped women

Cause problems for tight lipped men

Who hide contraband

From His Majesty’s custom’s men


Shipwreckers on a cold moonless night

Swing lanterns from side to side

Enticing lost ships into an evil plight

Into rocky bays where unseen perils await


Breaking on rocks and fighting the tide

Running aground with nowhere to hide

Sailors and crew swimming and scrambling ashore

To be clubbed to death on the picturesque foreshore


Liquor, wine and rum gathered and handled

Up the sandy beach from man to man

And strapped on the back of black ponies for conveying home

Across Bodmin moor on a well-trodden secret route


Quietly plodding single file in rhythmical formation

Avoiding the muskets of the Preventive men

Stopping for refreshment hidden behind thickets on route

And then onto Jamaica Inn where they divide the loot


The proceeds of dead soul’s booty

Has no trouble attracting customers

From publicans to noble squires and dignitaries

It is all traded with discretion and the utmost secrecy


And as the Cornishmen awake from their sleep

The bodies of men are found on the beach

Washed up from the storms and the wreck the night before

Injured by crashing on rocks with broken necks    and caved in skulls


Suspicion and rumours from loose lipped women

But no evidence can ever be traced or found

As the liquor, wine and rum flows in the town

And the ghosts of pirates keep villagers hidden at night


There are stories still told of pirates that make you shiver with fright

And even today, if you listen carefully you can hear at night

The hooves of heavily laden ponies on well-trodden routes

And on the cobbled stones in the yard of the infamous inn




The Winning Post


We ran through sun dried fields

And chased cabbage white butterflies

We studied red admirals eyes

Below summer holiday skies


Time moved slowly

And days seemed to last a week

We ran and jumped hedges

Pretending they were fences at the canal turn


We both fell, but I managed to recover on Foinavon

My best friend chased me

But, I passed the winning post

Just in time for tea



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