Poetry By Clive Atkins



Urban Housewife Werewolf

Each day offers a brand new twist
Wiping the venom from your kiss
Skirting ‘round the elements of bad taste
Indifference and resistance, what a waste

Camouflaged feelings hidden inside
Unfinished arguments left to ride
Picking up the pieces day after day
Surely there must be a better way

Melodramatic departures acted out each day
Like actors in a second rate play
An awakening of love real strange
You’re spitting feathers and beginning to change

But, I can see what’s hidden beneath
You’re growing hairy and clenching your teeth
And when the evening comes you’re full of charm
Commonsense tells me I should be setting my alarm

I cannot leave; I’m charmed by your spell
But, I’m on another journey to a living hell
Set me free before it’s to late
Set me free before I become your bait

You’re an urban housewife werewolf lady
And you’re driving me, driving me crazy


Winner of Forward Press Poem of the Month July 2007



Crocodile Hunter

Get the rope ‘round his jaw mate
Do it quick and don’t hesitate
Don’t let his tail whip around
Pin him with all your weight to the ground

He’s a snapper ten feet long
Full of power and very strong
Shine the light in his eyes
And I will take him by surprise

Get up really close
And I will grab him by the nose
Holding on white knuckle tight
He reels and whips with fright

Gripping him tightly don’t let go
Suddenly, the death roll, here we go
Diving, twisting and arching his back
Don’t let go and don’t look back

Holding one’s breath with all one’s might
Shimmering on the surface see the lights
Just when lungs are about to burst
He comes to the surface with a spurt

Tied his teeth disarmed
Recorded, packed and shipped special freight
Taken to a secure reserve
For future generations to appreciate and observe



The Big Head

Who left the light on in the Moulin Rouge
Who spun ‘round in a centrifuge
Who painted pictures in the sky
And who poked his finger in your eye

Who told the biggest lie you ever heard
Who told you he finished 2nd when he finished 3rd
Who’s got the largest house in the street
And who’s got oversized feet

Who’s always done better than you
Who’s always polite but seldom true
Who’s a dab hand at a fisherman’s tail
When you’ve caught a tiddler, he’s caught a whale

Who drives at twice the speed of sound
And sends your head spinning around and around
Needless to say he’s been everywhere you’ve ever been
And where you haven’t been he’s always seen

Who’s read every book you’ve ever read
And seen every film that’s what he said
One-upmanship has gone to his head
He’s even a champion stud when he’s in bed

Sometimes he makes you feel sick inside
And when you see him you want to hide
But he’s always a friend and you’re never alone
With a big head for a friend you’re never on your own



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