Guest Poetry

This year Coventry is the City of Culture and below is a poem written by a local man Andy Buckby that comes from the heart;


My Coventry


I suppose, I am what you would call a Coventry kid

Yes, that’s what I am

Pushed and pulled many miles around my city in a little pram

My city has been blitzed, bombed and had so much pain

But the soul of my city called out to its people to start again

The people carried out this fine task with joy and elation

That’s what we have always done for this great nation

I hear people say

This is my great and wonderful city

Built on joy, hope and a little pity

We have three spires and Lady Godiva

Two Tone music and The Specials

We won the cup in 87

We were all in football heaven

We’ve built the best cars you’ve ever seen

Including Jaguars, they move just like a dream

We are the home of the jet engine, Rolls Royce and so much more

You’ve no time to stand around, feel sorry and feel sore

The Coventry Cathedral

It’s outstanding, of that I’m sure

And out of the ashes of the War

There has never been a closed door

People always come back to Coventry

More and more and more


Poem by Andy Bugby

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